MCU porton doloIt was a twist of fate that brought me to Beijing, a city in which I spend long stretches at a time. A magnificent, fertile experience. China has proved an inexhaustible source of inspiration – and fun. Wherever I go, wherever I look, I come across odd characters, alien landscapes, and madcap, charming anecdotes.

Impossible to resist such dramatic richness.



Mongolian Wind

A detective novel written as a parody and political satire. A Spanish geologist goes missing in Beijing. His disappearance unleashes a veritable earthquake across the diplomatic community. With no police cooperation agreement in place, the consulate’s hands are tied. Every move must stay off the record and be carefully calculated. A Spanish detective and a scholar studying in China set out to solve the mystery, and avoid a major diplomatic crisis.

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Depravity (Shanghai rapture)


rapto-de-shangaiShanghai, April 7, 1917.

Dear Jose Maria, you thought only you and Nuria were allowed to go around in a stroller? Well here’s your Dad and he wander and rides through the streets of Shanghai the same way you wander around the garden. What do you think, would you like a ride in it too? Kisses from Dad


What was this gentleman from Barcelona doing in Shanghai? And in the middle of World War I, no less? His eyes are fixed on the camera and he seems oblivious to the handful of scruffy children watching him. His driver’s face has been blurred as have those been blurred those of the kids  hovering behind the rickshaw. No one in the picture is smiling. And only he is wearing shoes.